Episode 10 of RegTech Women’s RegTech Revealed was hosted by Sarah Sinclair of Change Gap and introduced viewers to  Dr. Jacqui Taylor, CEO and Founder of FlyingBinary Ltd.

By background, Dr Taylor is an aerospace engineer. Early in her career, she looked at societal issues for the aviation industry. Indeed, everything she does today centres around that theme. Engineering underpins the work at Flying Binary. They use deep technology and always deploy under a RegTech banner and effectively change the world with that technology. So far, they have impacted the lives of over half the world’s population.

FlyingBinary was one of the first RegTech companies in the UK as part of the Tech City Cluster and today’s digital economy. Their distinct founding mission was inclusion, i.e., the principle of leaving no-one behind.

In the webinar, viewers hear Dr Taylor’s view that technology is neutral. What humans do with it is what matters. 34 million citizens collaborate on their cutting-edge web science and research they have been pioneered. This earned Jacqui an honorary doctorate in science. This was a huge leap from where she began as an aerospace engineer.

In describing herself, she shares that she is a lateral thinker. She tends to think holistically about ideas. Her business mission was a conscious not accidental choice by herself and her co-founder. Twenty years of research alongside building world leading technology (not originally in RegTech!) led to understanding that our future Industrial Internet of Things for Gen Z & Gen Alpha would approach our world from a societal point of view very differently. This meant their need for an equal voice against a different power distribution across the world, a power which is not necessarily inclusive of all voices. So, they essentially built technology with that mission. As engineers, it was initially to unlock the talents of Gen Z (as covered in Dr Taylor’s Davos speech in 2019). By 2020, Gen Z were influencing 40% of the world’s economic spend! Whilst they do not have all the power, they do have an influence. However, Gen Alpha are emergent and have been the focus of many in this pandemic. The key question is how to ensure all voices are heard as we make progress towards the Industrial IOT.

And, why RegTech for FlyingBinary? Well, quite frankly why not! Dr Taylor goes on to say It astounds her that RegTech is something you do as an idea and not as a start.

This is a most illuminating RegTech Revealed episode and we encourage you to listen in full using the link below:


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