In our recent RegTech Women webinar moderated by Lucy Heavens, guest Martina Doherty of MD Consulting explains that marketing is one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business. By that, she means there’s a perception that it’s not as strategic or as difficult as, for example, risk, finance or technology. Marketing often falls into the “anyone can do it” category. As a result, firms may not get the right focus, the right skills and, ultimately, they can be surprised when they don’t get the right results. Often marketing executives don’t get the same management time or the same focus and that perhaps hampers results.

Marketing is not rocket science. However, it is a profession. Marketing executives are professionals and not the "colouring in department", as some in the industry might like to portray marketing teams! It involves more than a bit of social media or a PR campaign, launching an ad and then expecting great results. 

Martina gives her top five tips to help build a successful FinTech and RegTech brand: 

  1. Know your audience. EVERYONE is not your target market. If you are talking to EVERYONE, it’s likely you’re talking to no-one. Being all things to all people is a trap so many companies fall into. 
  2. Focus messages on customer needs. Don't try to be everything for everyone. Make sure the messages you put out in the market are clear - what problem are you solving and for who.
  3. Be different. This means ignoring the wider market in order to be different. The whole purpose of marketing is to stand out. 
  4. Have a plan. So many companies strike out with marketing activities without having a plan in place. As such, they are putting their tactical cart before the strategic horse. 
  5. Measure the right results. Are your metrics measurable or are they vanity ones? 

Hear Martina fill in the detail on these tips by watching the webinar in full.

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